SLC’s Progressive champion

As your councilmember, Chris has worked hard to increase equity and equality in city, passing city budgets that emphasize affordable housing and public services. Chris worked hard to ensure more access to affordable housing across the city by passing a new ADU ordinance. In fact, the first budget passed with Chris on the council had the single largest investment in affordable housing in the city’s history, over $21 million. While Salt Lake City is at risk of losing thousands of dollars of federal government funds through a discriminatory census, Chris funded a full-time census coordinator for the city to protect our tax dollars. Whether it is at the city or at his law practice, Chris is fighting for progressive values in Salt Lake City.

working for us

Chris always looks out for the best interests of our city. Whether it be working to defend Salt Lake City’s wetlands and taxing authority from the state’s in-land port or fighting to make sure Salt Lake City is net-zero by 2030, securing our future, Chris is working for all of us. Chris has ensured that funding to make our city more walkable, more sustainable and environmentally friendly are included in city budgets. Chris has been elected by his peers to serve as the council’s vice-chair, bringing the issues that matter most to District 3 residents to the forefront. Chris is always the first to defend us against encroachments from the state and we can count on him to always put our values first.

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